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Bags and Rags is the premier Carefree women’s clothing outlet offering dresses and skirts for any style, occasion or mood. We offer dresses that accentuate the female form and bring out the natural woman in you. In our dress lines, we offer something fun, flirty and a little bit different from what you find at other Arizona boutiques.

When it comes to Carefree designer clothes, Bags and Rags has it all. We carry designers Alberto Mikali, Tribal, I.C., Mesmerize and more;  and that’s just a taste!  You have to actually come in and explore the store to see all we have to offer. Although we carry designers from all over the world, we try our best to stick to American-made dresses by US designers. All of our designs are hand picked.

One of our most popular lines is by American designer Surrealist. Surrealist makes skirts with lightweight jersey fabric that’s comfortable on the skin and brings out your body’s natural form. It has a lining that doesn’t get stuck and moves right along with you.

The staff at Bags and Rags is helpful and friendly. Owner Rose Toon takes a personal interest in making her customers look their absolute best. We’ve got something that’s suitable for every style and body shape. We also know that comfort is key and that’s why we strive to choose designs which use fabrics that are soft on your skin.

‘Your shop is adorable!’ This is the compliment we most often hear from our customers. Bags and Rags offers Carefree women’s clothing that’s a far cry from the usual clothes you find at department stores. The store carries just one or two of each item so that it has room on the shelves for more variety. Come in and get lost among the racks.  You’ll come out with a dress or an outfit that makes you look fantastic.


Bags & Rags has a number of designer tops that are made in the USA.

Popular lines include, Tribal, I.C., Bali, Oh My Gauze!, and others. These tops are so versatile that you can go from day to evening and to formal with some of the lines. Libra can be worn with the skirts that are made to coordinate an elegant look, or pair with slacks or skirt for an evening look or with your favorite jeans for a casual night out with an upscale look. Tops and sweaters can also be worn with many looks in mind. The softest of fabrics by all designers can also be mixed and matched with coordinating tops and bottoms of all fabric types for a number of different looks to accommodate any occasion.

Our pants are always a year round favorite. Jeans are always a woman's best friend. Having an at the waist, pull up style for comfort and smooth styling compliment most body types.

The wonderful embroidered designs on Tribal trouser style jeans give a rich and elegant look to a pant that’s made for style and comfort. Change a casual outfit into a more glamorous look by accessorizing. The hand crafted and fashion jewelry and scarves will add to and complete any outfit.

More made in the USA are dresses, skirts and tops in fabrics of high quality and easy care that flatter and slenderize the female form.

Handbags are a fun item from the embellished to sparkle to classic designs and the more colorful spring and summer designs. There is something for every outfit or woman. Pair these bags with the stylish scarves, jewelry and all of the lovely fashions at Bags & Rags and feel like a new woman.


Pants That Bring Out Your Feminine Side.

Like all of the items Bags and Rags carries, our pants are all about comfort. We carry lines that are flexible for sizing so that any woman can wear them. We can find a style that perfectly accentuates your feminine form.

Our pants offer a wide range of colors including camel, black, brown, red, turquoise, white and more. We carry styles that range from casual to dressy. Decorative features such as lace inserts and fine crocheted mesh make our pants unique.

We specialize in carrying pants styles that are appropriate for any occasion. They can go wherever you go. Many of our lines are suitable with both casual and formal tops, which means that you can wear them running errands during the day and you don’t have to change for your night out on the town.

Our customers are always surprised by our suggestions. They often say, ‘I won’t fit into that!’ But just give owner Rose Toon and our staff a chance and we’ll surprise you by how you look in a pair of slacks you thought wouldn’t fit!

Nestled in the Carefree foothills, Bags and Rags is a small, friendly and cozy shop that offers all the styles you won’t find at your local mall. It’s a great stop-off when you’re seeing the sites Arizona has to offer, and don’t worry even though our selection is high-quality and high-class, it’s not high priced.

 BAGS & RAGS  |  16 Easy Street, PO BOX 5466, Carefree AZ 85377  |  480-575-3114  |  602-628-5757 

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